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Resources For Parents

Parent Learning 

Robertson County Special Services wants to make parents our partners. Building strong parent relationships is essential in fostering a positive educational experience. If your child receives special education services and you have questions about their Individual Education Plan or services please be sure to give us a call at 979-279-3507.

The videos below are provided to help you understand your child’s disability, your rights and responsibilities under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and facilitate collaboration. 

How to request special education testing Play Video

As a parent/guardian, you are a very important member of this committee. It is important to understand the essentials of an admissions, review, dismissal (ARD) committee meeting. Learn more about the admissions, review, dismissal (ARD) process in these videos.



Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next ARD Meeting Open Link

Obtenga más información sobre el comité de admisiones, revisión y despido (ARD) en este video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNUasnjoAt8 

Discover more about special education dispute resolution processes. Resolving issues with your child's school.




Communication Board- Communication Board

Stuttering Foundation resources can be translated into other languages. You can read and download books related to stuttering for free. Stuttering Foundation

This site has activities that promote language development, listening skills, following directions, and building expressive vocabulary. Preschool Express

Speech and articulation worksheets are free to download. All consonant sounds are provided at the word, sentence, and story level. Mommy Speech

This site provides learning games for preschool and elementary school-age students. Vocabulary games include synonyms, antonyms, compound words, analogies, idioms, and parts of speech. Learning Games

The site is divided by grade level. Activities are provided to develop vocabulary, comprehension questions, and following directions. Read along videos/books are provided at lower grades with text-to-speech options provided for upper-grade levels.  Learn at Home




www.home-speech-home.com/speech-therapy-word-lists.html  (Articulation, Language, Pragmatics, Fluency Activities)

www.superduperinc.com  (Click on “free stuff”) (Articulation, Language, Fluency, Voice, and Pragmatics ideas/strategies/activities)

www.superduperinc.com/freestuff/calendars/superduperspeechcalendar.pdf (Conversational topics each day of the month)

www.kids-pages.com/flashcards.htm (Language and Pragmatics skills)

www.mommyspeechtherapy.com (Articulation, Language, Fluency, Comprehension skills/ideas)




Home Activities to Support Fine Motor Development- Fine Motor Development

Examples of how to make toys to support your child's sensory development- Sensory Development

Gross Motor Activities using Letters- Gross Motor Activities

Activities to assist with a variety of motor skills (fine, gross, sensory, writing and executive functioning) Toolbox

Online resource for fine motor activities and strategies Miss Mancy

Activities to assist with a variety of motor skills (fine, gross, sensory, and writing) Motor Skills

Simple learning activities developed by an Occupational Therapist that assist in the acquisition of motor skills. Motor Skills

Activities to use at home to enhance fine and gross motor skills. Therapy Street


Fun and Meaningful Learning https://fun-a-day.com/

For a child with autism, visual supports can help to decrease anxiety and increase independence across all settings. This toolkit provides you with all that you will need to help structure your child’s day at home, no matter his/her age.  School Closure Toolkit

Visual Schedule for Home- Visual Schedule

AIM provides training in a variety of strategies and interventions targeted for students on the Autism Spectrum. - Autism Modules

Supports and Strategies to facilitate appropriate social, emotional and communication skills for students.  Autism Teacher Strategies 

Visual Schedule for Cleaning up After Meals Cleaning Up Visual Schedule

Social Narratives, Power Cards, and Visual Supports- Social Narratives

Social Skills Lessons -Social Skills

Library of resources, tips and tools, games, and songs- Social Skills Resources

Activities and Lessons for a variety of social and emotional skills for elementary and middle school-aged students. Social and Emotional Skills

Supports and Strategies to facilitate appropriate social, emotional and communication skills for students. Autism Teaching Strategies

YouTube videos explaining social and emotional challenges and strategies. Social and Emotional Strategies

Supporting Individuals with Autism Through Uncertain Times



Parent Modules


Visual Supports Library- Behavior/Self- Regulation- STEPS to locate Supports: Steps: 1. Click on Educator. 2. Click on Autism or Behavior, and 3. Click on Visual Supports File Library.

Library of Visual Supports to support appropriate behavior- Autism Circuit

Parenting tools for various behaviors- Parenting Tools

Library of resources: Tips and tools, games, and songs to support behavior-Do 2 Learn

IBCCES provides information on Autism Spectrum Disorders and 15 Behavior Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum. IBCCES

The Child Mind Institute provides parents with Strategies for Managing Child Behavior Problems at Home.  Child Mind Institute

Visual Support for Parents regarding the Power of Positive Phrasing Positive Phrasing

Visual Support for Parents regarding Offering Choices Offering Choices

Yoga poses to assist students in calming down Yoga for Kids

Activity designed for students on the Autism Spectrum to learn ways to regulate emotional verbal outburst Regulate Emotional Verbal Outburst

Visual Support for 5 count breathing exercises to assist in calming down. Five Count Breathing

Self-Control "remote control" to assist students with regulating their emotions and behaviors Self Control Remote Control

 Sample Schedule to continue structuring your child's daily activities Sample Schedule

 Strategies and information to help individuals with ASD reach their potential.http://www.victoriesnautism.com/

https://www.nasponline.org/ (use search bar for needs)

Behavior resources for parents. https://discipline.esc2.net/node/31 



Dealing with COVID-19

A social story to cover staying healthy in the wake of the Corona Virus. This social story utilizes basic visuals to explain the current virus, why school is closed, and how a student can remain healthy COVID-19 Social Story

A short book explaining the Coronavirus for children. Available in multiple languages COVIBOOK 

NPR Exploring Coronavirus comic book for middle and high school-aged students.  Coronovirus Comic Book



Rocky Mountain Deaf School- ASL Books for Young Children- ASL Books

ASL Pro: Includes dictionaries, quizzes, games and additional books-ASL Pro

Sign Language Dictionary- ASL Dictionary

Children's Stories Read using Signing Exact English- SEE Stories

Vocabulary and Story Videos that are all presented in ASL ASL Vocabulary and Story Videos



Reading Bear targets learning letter sounds, provides videos and quizzes- Reading Bear

Educational games targeting grammar, spelling, sight words, and other word skills- Room Recess

Read Theory focuses on reading comprehension and allows parents to set up free accounts and track their child's progress. It offers leveled reading passages and quizzes regarding passages. Read Theory



Sesame Street personal hygiene social stories- Social Stories

Dealing with COVID-19 Social Stories- Social Stories about Social Distancing

CLI Engage: Preschool hands-on activities that families can do at home- Circle Family Activities

Online Read Alouds- Storyline Online

Preschool Express: Calendars with daily activities to do at home- Preschool Express

 Starfall - Math, language arts, & music -Starfall

 Center on the Social Emotional Development of Young Children Family tools-Center on the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children



A variety of free resources, including sorting activities, adapted books, folder games, and a variety of printables. Click the "free downloads" tab on the right. Adapted Books 

Academic Games- Academic Games

Books Read Aloud- Free Reads 

ULS Math Activities: Printable supports that assist with number identification and the following mathematical operations: counting, addition, subtraction, and fractions- Math Activities

ULS Math - Time Activities: Printable supports that assist with analog and digital time, season identification and time periods throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening and night) - Time Activities

Printable tracing activities for each upper and lower case letter of the alphabet and numbers 1-10. Students can trace the numbers with their fingers or a writing utensil.  Handwriting Practice

Academic activities targeting skills within the PreK-3rd grade levelStar Fall 



How to create active learning opportunities- Creating Active Learning Opportunities

Accessible Games- Tobii Dynavox Web Games


Additional Resources

Parent Resources for Students in Special Education https://tea.texas.gov/texas-schools/health-safety-discipline/covid/parent-resources-for-students-in-special-education

This is a comprehensive list of sites/companies that are offering free access to learning materials. Amazing Educational Resources

 Special Education and COVID-19 Free Resources and Take Home Packets http://www.breezyspecialed.com/2020/03/distance-home-learning-packets-and.html?fbclid=IwAR0jEwFxGoicOzok4WjgTKWXk80oJx_bbekpIiu3GxhfoBgK4_iPpIY0_84

Handy Chart Featuring Over 30 iPad Apps for Students with Special Needs https://www.educatorstechnology.com/2016/01/a-handy-chart-featuring-over-30-ipad.html?fbclid=IwAR39W3zHEZ7-iAwTjqeJOFNl61yizDkEOig8p47TB8AooklJ6RI3ARVaanA

Daily Free Learning Workbooks for Teachers to Share with Parents while Schools are Closed (Kids will actually do these!) https://www.edhelper.com/teacher-education/Daily-Free-Learning-Workbooks-for-Teachers-to-Share-with-Parents-while-Schools-are-Closed-Kids-will-actually-do-these.htm?fbclid=IwAR1z9_FW1ufcQC1ficXdtSuWx39feq9GC0ITCZUNWc9t6xFX7AHg4fZNVsk

Nessy programs are designed to help students of all abilities to learn to read, write, spell and type, especially those who learn differently. www.nessy.com

Khan Academy Parent Sign-up https://www.khanacademy.org/signup?isparent=1

Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs https://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/10/special-needs-extensions.html?fbclid=IwAR1Lh_NRU46wS6tuf8b-4OqTI0hiFSSZoEQE06IzW11cbEPCS-xkIsjm1hs

List of educational companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings. https://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/10/special-needs-extensions.html?fbclid=IwAR1Lh_NRU46wS6tuf8b-4OqTI0hiFSSZoEQE06IzW11cbEPCS-xkIsjm1hs




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